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> Restaurants name Address Telephon no. / website
Sunflower restaurant Thai food, European foodBy Chongkam lake.
Fren Restaurant Thai food, European foodKhunlumprapas Rd.
Sabuy corner Thai food, European foodKhunlumprapas Rd.
Ban pleng restaurant Thai food Khunlumprapas Rd.
Bai yoke Chalet Thai food, Live music Khunlumprapas Rd.
Kai Mook Thai food Khunlumprapas Rd.
Ban rabiang restaurant Thai food, European food .
Baiyoke swiss Chalet Thai food, European food Signhanart Bamrung Rd.
Parichart Beer garden, Rook holiday inn Beers garden Khunlumprapas Rd.
Sunflower restaurant Beers garden, Live music Khunlumprapas Rd.
Sai nampai restarant Thai food By passed road.
Jiji Thai food, European food Near airport.
Crossroad Beers corner Khunlumprapas Rd.
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