Visiting hilltribe village in Mae hong son. Volunteers and teach for poor village, Hill tribe in remote area. Long term stay in Mae hong son.
Visit hill tribe vilage in Mae hong son, Thailand
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Visit Hill tribe Villages in Maehongson

Mong village Ban na pa phaek
Photo by : P. Sirima
Hmong (Meos)
The Hmong originale from south china, Their present population is about 75'000 people mainly close to the Laotion border, North and west of Chiangmai, Mae hong son and south of Tak.

Help us to be volunteers in poor villages visit : Ten and Ben trekking and volunteers site.

Lisu childen
Photo by : Jon Prawinchaikul
Lisu (Lisaw)
    They came from the land along the source of the salween river in Tibet. About 80 years ago theymove to Northern Thailand. Population about 25,000 people.

White Karen children in Ban Nhong Khaw Nhua
Photo by : Jon Prawinchaikul
Karen (Kariang)
    Karen people are the largest group of the hill tribes in Thailand. Migrated into Thailand from Karen state in Berma about 200 years ago. Population about 350,000. They are Thai nationallity and live peace fully are honest faithful. their villages are distributed along the Thai and Burmiss border.

Black Lahu (Muser dum) Ban Boak Kri
Photo by : Jon Prawinchaikul
Lahu (Muser Dum)
    Lahu (Mu-ser),sattled in northern Thailand about 100 years ago. They came from Yunnan province in south west china, Population in thailand about 40'000 people. They are friendly, hard works and an easy going people.

    Lawa belong to the Mon-Khmer ethic grouping.n After closhing with the khom and Thai, They were finally vanguished, moving into the forests and mountains of northern Thailand in about 160 years ago.
They live in Amphoe Mae sariang. Mae lanoi, Maehongson province and in amphoe Hod ,Chiang mai province. population about 15,000 peaple.

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