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Visiting the Morning Market

Photo by : Misty Tour

        At Maehongson's morning market there is a colorful choice of fruits and vegetables for sale, and many different kinds of people both selling and buying. The market is located on Phanitwattana Road and begins at dawn every morning. Here you can touch the lives of the local people who have every kind of local produce for sale, including Shan food and a delicious selection of sweets.

Buying Souvenirs

Photo by : P. Sirima

        The best areas for buying souvenirs from Maehongson are located on Khunloombraphat Road, Singhanatbumrung Road, in the area of Phrathat Doi Gongmoo temple, in front of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives and the Bangkok Bank. There are many kinds of souvenirs and gifts for sale, such as woodcarvings, silverware, precious stones, pictures, Burmese puppets, hill tribe handicrafts and antiques. Many different hill tribe people sell their handmade goods at a small night market in front of the Bank for Agriculture.