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Sightseeing Mae Hong Son

The craftsmanship of steel carving into beautiful detailed patterns to decorate the temple eaves
and the Mon style Jedi's decorated with moulded limestone are unique features of Mae Hong Son Temples. Such features demonstrate the Shan and Burmese blended architectural forms. When you are visiting and admiring the temples in the city of Mae Hong Son, you will get the sense of the ancient Thai Yai traditions. These temples should be an important part of the program of anyone who has decided to come and visit Mae Hong Son.

Phrathat Doi Gongmoo Temple
This is a Shan temple, built high up on the mountainside, on the west side of the town. There are some interesting examples of religious architecture, such as the two Mon style cement chedis that stand out dramatically. All around the temple are magnificent views that offer a panoramic perspective of the town and surrounding countryside. There is a 1.6 kms long asphalt road from the town up to the temple.

Jong Kham and Jong Klang Temples
Jong Kham and Jong Klang temples are situated on Jong Kham Lake and are oldest temples in Maehongson. There are interesting examples of ancient art inside, such as the collection of Burmese style wooden carved dolls, the Burmese style glass paintings and the Mon style cement chedis. Many visitors take photographs of the temple and the lake.

Phra Non Temple

Phra Non temple is located at the base of Gongmoo Mountain and houses a large Buddha statue. There is a museum of ancient tools, and the main hall has a roof decorated in the Shan style with galvanized iron. Many tourists come to visit this temple.

Hua Wieng Temple
The Buddha statue in Hua Wieng temple was brought from Burma and is designed in the Mandalay style. It is a fine example of Burmese art and is held to be the most important Buddha statue in Maehongson.

Kamkho Temple
Kam koh temple is also situated at the foot of Gong Moo Mountain, across from Phra Non temple and has beautifully decorated galvanized iron roofs.

Muay Tho Temple
This temple is located next to Phra Non temple. Behind the temple there are steps leading up to Phrathat Doi Gongmoo.

Jong Kham Lake
In ancient times this lake was a natural water source in the center of the town. Later it was improved and decorated, and made into a public park. Surrounding the lake are Jong Khum and Jong Klang temples, and the overall effect creates a beautiful setting and atmosphere for people to enjoy.

Fish Cave(Thumpla)

The Fish Cave is located near the village of Huay Pha, about 17 kms from Maehongson (Highway 1095), at the foot of the mountains. At the mouth of the cave natural springs from beneath the mountain create a pool in which many large fish live. There are many different kinds of trees and plants around the cave in the area of the national park and a small river with such clear water that you can see the sand at the bottom. The cool air and natural setting make it a perfect place to discover the wonders of nature, such as the tiny snails and the wide variety of ferns.

Pha sua waterfall
Pha Sua waterfall is located in Jum Bae district, 26 kms from Maehongson, along the road to Pai. This waterfall flows from the Mae Sa-nga River in Burma. There are six levels, called Mae Sa-nga waterfall, Pha Yao waterfall, Pha Lad waterfall, Pha Sua waterfall, Pha Dang waterfall and Pha Hom waterfall. Pha Sua waterfall has interesting rock formations, and water flows all year round making it a perfect place to visit.

Pha Bong Hot Springs
12 kms south of Maehongson you can find Pha Bong hot springs, located in a national park area with lots of local food for sale. There are baths for those who want to soak in the water and benefit from all the natural minerals.