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Experience Thailand From a local perspective
   Experience the hills of northwestern Thailand through eyes opened by the unsurpassed know ledge of a local expert. See the flora and fauna of Northern Thailand while walking through tropical ,mountain pathways and river valleys .Visit the remote karen hill tribe villages and taste Thai cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients and on an open fire ,the way it should be.

Chan's Nature walks are the key to open your eyes to the beauty of northwestern Thailand's mountain nature and culture. a life-long resident of Mae Hong Son ,Chan has an intimate knowledge of Thailand's northwestern hills. He is an experienced guide ,a self-taught naturalist and a talented cook .Chan also speaks fluent English.
Chan's Nature walks guide you Through light green paddy-fields ,rapid rivers and tumbling waterfall, deep green forests and hidden villages . See the beauty of breathtaking vistas ,and experience the peace and silence of the remote northwestern hills of Thailand

Benefit from Chan's long-term relationships and experience

   Chan's Nature Walks guide you through the complex pathway system used by local hill tribes. Along those paths ,Chan will open your eyes to the life lived by the people in the forest ,their herbs and hunting methods ,the various fruits of the forest and how the locals cultivate the land. Chan's vast knowledge of the region's flora and fauna allows you to observe nature rarely seen by the untrained eye. Chan can answer your questions and point out details of the environment while you breathe the fresh mountain air and stretch your legs in one of the most unique and untouched regions of Thailand. ( Late afternoons will find you arriving at a hill tribe village or a forest campsite for your overnight stay. Chan will personally prepare your delicious Thai meal comprising several dishes ,over an open fire. He will explain how the people ,who have lived in the area for over 200 years ,make their tools ,husband their animals and produce their food. Chan's relationship with the hill tribe people is genuine and has been developed over his lifetime of visiting them. That is obvious in the way he and his clients are welcomed in each hill tribe village.)
Built in flexibility to accommodate you
   Chan's Nature Walks are designed with the client in mind. When you arrange your guided tour, discuss with Chan how you want your hike customized. Choose an ambling one-to-six day nature walks or a challenging trek ,designed to your capabilities ,interests and specifications.

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