Pangmapha, Pang ma pa Mae hong son Thailand, Lod cave, Cave in Thailand

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Hill tribe village visiting in Pangmapha district

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Visiting Hill Tribe Villages in Pangmapha District

Lisu in Pangmapha
Lisu girl in their tredition dresses in Pangmapha distirct. Mae hong son Thailand. Photo by : P. Sirima
   There are two ways to visit the hill tribe villages in Bangmapha district. The first is to walk through the jungle and the second is to follow the roads in a car. In this area there are Lesu, Lahu, Karen and Lawa villages, as well the local Shan people, some of whom were born here and some of whom migrated into Thailand from Burma.
   The Lesu village of Nong Dong is one village that many travelers visit. The Lesu village of Nong Pha Jum, the Red Lahu village of Dong Ma Fai and the Karen village of Mae U-Mong are some others. If you travel by car or truck, there is a 30 kilometre road from Mae La Na to Ban Kham Luang that you can take as a one day trip, leaving in the morning and returning in the evening. This road passes through various villages, including Shan and Black Lahu villages. Every April the Black Lahu celebrate the festival of 'Gin Waw', and around the time of Chinese New Year (January) the Red Lahu celebrate New Year.