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Brook View Guest House
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G43. Brook view Guest house Pai
G1. Bann Nam Pai
G2. Big Guest House Pai
G3. Charlie's House Pai
G4. Chez Swan Rooms Service Pai
G5. Duang Guest House Pai
G6. Farmer Home Pai
G7. Fruit Garden Pai
G8. Golden Huts Pai
G9. Holliday Guest House Pai
G10. Hut in Pai Resort Pai
G11. Mae yen House Pai
G12. Michel Bunggalow Dormitory Pai
G14. Mountain Lodge Pai
G15. Muang Pai Resort Pai
G16. Mr. Jan Gues house Pai
G17. Nan ya Guest House Pai
G18. Pai Cabana Pai
G19. Pai River Lodge Pai
G20. Pai Scandai Resort Pai
G21. Pai Valley Pai
G22. Pai Watershed Pai
G23. Pee Pee Orchid Pai
G25. Pai on Pai
G26. P.S. Riverside Guest House Pai
G27. Rim Pai Cottage Pai
G28. River Corner Pai
G29. River View Huts Pai
G30. Sawaddee House Pai
G31. Shan Guest House Pai
G32. Sib Song Panna Pai
G33. Spa Garden Home Pai
G34. Thapai Spa Camping Pai
G35. The Good View Pai
G36. The Little House Pai
G37. The Nature Home Pai
G38. The River Side Pai
G39. The Sun Hut Pai
G40. View Pai Hotel Pai
G41. View Point Guest House Pai
G42. Wee Huts Pai

R1. Abodaya Pai
R2. All about coffee Pai
R3. As friend Pai
R.4 Bebob Cafe Pai
R5. Bebob Br & Live Music Pai
R6. Baaan Klang Pai Pai
R7. Bus Station Restaurant Pai
R8. Chez Swan Frence Restaurant Pai
R9. Crazy Kitchen Pai
R10. Duang Restaurant Pai
R12. Latino Swimming pool & Bar Pai
R13. Lek's Pause Cafe Pai
R14. Namaste Chai Shop Pai
R15. Nong Beer Restaurant Pai
R16. Northern Green Restaurant Pai
R17. Own Home Restaurant Pai
R18. Pai Corner Bar Pai
R19. Pai Corner Restarant Pai
R22. Sun Flower Pai
R23. Tamarind Pai
R24. Thairish Bar & Restaurant Pai
R25. Thai Yai Restaurant Pai
R26. Tunva Restaurant Pai
R27. Vandee's Garden Restaurant Pai
R28. Ya Restaurant ( Mc Noodle ) Pai

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